Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a road map to retirement and beyond. Like traveling cross country by car, if you want to be able to retire your way you need a plan. You may be able to get from Eureka, CA to Synecdoche, NY without a plan but it's a lot easier if you have one. That goes double for trying to reach retirement with the resources to retire comfortably. Planning is essential for securing the future that you want for you and your family. Life is full of sidetracks that can lead you away from your goals but with strong financial planning you can stay on track and headed in the right direction. 

Personal finance can be confusing and you may need some reassurance that you're getting closer to meeting your goals. We have the extensive knowledge to help you understand your current situation, assess your goals, and recognize risks in your current and future investments from money market accounts to IPOs to hedge funds. We'll talk about your goals, which may include things like paying off your mortgage, retiring debt free, or buying the lake house you've always dreamed of. Then we'll plan the money details around these goals. 

What goes into Financial Planning? I'm glad you asked. It's a six step process: 

  1. Define -the scope of our relationship. Fee for service or traditional commission relationship.
  2. Gather - information-Tax returns, pay stubs, retirement account statements and other financial documents
  3. Analyze -your specific situation-We use a combination of financial software, years of investing experience and your goals and aspirations.
  4. Develop a Financial Plan that includes investments that are within your risk tolerances, whether they are Municipal Bonds, ETFs or Hedge Funds or a combination.
  5. Implement Your Plan-Make your trades and create positions that we have agreed to be the best fit for your situation.
  6. Monitor Your Plan-Frequently review your positions and make adjustments as the markets fluctuate.

Give us a call at (707) 444-9212 and we'll help get you on the road to retirement.


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